Managed Backup

A fully managed backup solution utilising best in class backup technology to provide secure off-site backups for both physical and virtualised environments.

Data Loss through hardware failure, accidental deletion, cyber threats and environmental factors is something that at some point will happen to all of us.  Loss of data can have devastating consequences to your business and for many that suffer large scale loss, they never recover. 

Managing backups can be a time consuming process and is frequently overlooked on a daily basis, employee absence or just increased business demands often result in that critical backup drive not being swapped over.

With the demands on IT teams increasing daily and with more complex, multi-platform and diverse IT, the daily backup routine is more involved than ever before.

Ensuring that your data can be recovered quickly whilst minimising the impact on your business operations should be a critical part of your business IT strategy.

Our managed backup service delivers a cost-effective, fully managed service.

Key Features

Fully Managed Backup

Allows you to focus on your business not your backup processes.  Our engineers are on-hand 24/7 to assist in your backup and recovery processes.

Offsite Disk Based Backups

Fully managed offsite disk backups, replicated to 3 physically diverse secure UK locations minimising the impact of disaster and assisting with compliance requirements.

Any Time Recovery

Recover data 24 / 7 x 365 through our intuitive control panel or by calling our expert team.

Minimise Data Loss

With continuous data protection for frequently changing data you minimise the risk of data loss with daily file level backups and more frequent backups for frequently change data such as databases.

Compliance and Continuity

Manage data storage costs and address data retention and regulatory and compliance requirements

Our Managed Backup Solutions Include

  • Backup Policy Design
  • Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting
  • Monthly Management and Review
  • Recovery
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