Solving Your Managed Print Needs

A simple and efficient business solution that removes the requirement for significant capital expenditure and saves money.

Managed Print Services are employed by millions of enterprises worldwide and for good reason.  Managed Print is a simple and efficient business solution that removes the requirement for significant capital expenditure and impact on cash flow.  It was created to help companies, probably like yours, to benefit from shared buying power, resources and expertise, in order to control their document printing and other printer device functions, including;

  • Copiers
  • Scanning
  • Faxes

Managed print suits companies legitimately looking for efficiencies in cost and productivity, leaving their teams and individuals to concentrate on tasks at hand and be completely confident in output quality.  Managed print enables organisations to improve their efficiency, productivity and information security, typically by monitoring usage, replacing consumables and meeting the organisation’s printing needs.

Many businesses share the view that consolidating your printing costs can save your business significant amounts of money.  Most important is how variable costs are consolidated, including; hardware, repairs, maintenance and cartridge supply costs.  With printing typically working on a fixed per-page basis a managed print solution means you can plan, track and monitor changing spend and the degree of environmental impact.

Myriad options & expert advice

With so many options on offer, always seek advice. The key to maximising the value of managed print services to your business lies in the initial process talking to our experts, including digital transformation specialists, and explaining what’s important to your business and how you work.

Our aim team wide is to work to save you time and improve your business efficiency, minimise costs and where possible save you money, boost productivity, reduce capital expenditure, reduce your environmental impact and meet new higher information security standards.

Manged print makes a difference

Our manged print service solutions are proven to make a real difference to businesses. That first step of understanding user behaviour within your company will help us establish your digital workflow and therefore prescribe the type of technology that meets your challenges and needs.  As with the rest of our services, this is a partnership approach that aims to maintain a long-term trusted relationship and one which can adapt to your changing needs.  Our role is also to empower you with;

  • Improved documents workflow
  • Cost management and budgeting
  • Increased security
  • Analytical reporting
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Flexible and transparent agreements

Our process

In supporting our partnership with you, we follow and implement three areas:

  • Assessment – A review of the current print environment to provide recommendations for rationalisation and an estimate of potential future savings. Assessments can range from basic usage and logistical layouts to full document workflow throughout the business and internal process analysis. We also assess environmental impact and current document security measures.
  • Optimisation – Device rationalisation and potential consolidation to improve user-to-device ratios. Complete Workflow solution tailored to your business needs and procedures. Strategic hardware fit for purpose based on our assessment. Configuration of print and document solution software to maximise efficiency, conform to policies and improve efficiency.
  • Management – Continuous process improvement, dedicated service level agreements, remote monitoring and detailed analytical reports. Strategic business reviews that deliver proactive, actionable insight to improve efficiency and performance. Our analytics go beyond device usage and encompass a true understanding of user behaviour, driving efficiency and workplace productivity improvements.

Reducing environmental footprint

Three of the most significant environmental impacts a business creates are paper usage, electricity and print consumables.   Our specialists take a simple approach of continuously looking to improve your and optimise your processes to reduce the usage of these utilising technology.   We also have an excellent recycling scheme in place.

Security is vital

Corporate information and IP theft, cyber-security threats and strengthened GDPR regulations all point to how businesses need to ensure robust security processes are in place.  Print security is a critical part of strategy.  Our experts will explain the types of protection our technology offers and how it can meet your businesses requirements.

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