Solving Your Wi-Fi Networks Needs

With more and more businesses opting for flexible working spaces topped with the ever-growing demand for access to cloud-based software and other critical IT resources ensuring that you have adequate WiFi provision is a critical factor in business productivity and employee satisfaction. 

We provide a range of high-performance wireless solutions suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor applications as well as those at height requiring specialist powered access.

Our specialist team can perform a comprehensive audit of your existing wireless environment and providing recommendations on the right WiFi solution as well as the correct positioning of your wireless access points.

We offer a fully managed wireless service where your access points are managed by our cloud management software alerting us to service issues and allowing us to deploy updates and ensure the continued security of your network.

Our Fully Managed WaaS Solution allows us to provide:

  • High Speed Wi-Fi Access
  • Guest Isolation and Security Policies
  • Remotely Supported and Managed
  • Automatic Service Provisioning
  • Automatic Upgrades
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